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Franco Amorosi

Agency Development Manager

@ Google

John is a kind listener whose guidance and patience invites you to listen to yourself with curiosity and compassion. During our work together he shared insights and tools that I still reflect on and that keep helping me in my personal exploration.


Maxwell Kangolo


@ Defining the Next Decade

I had a wonderful experience being coached by John. He has a kind, warm and welcoming presence. He did an excellent job of creating a space and environment where I felt heard, safe and supported. 

John was able to help me identify and explore key behaviors and tendencies that I can work on and change to live a fuller and healthier life. I am very thankful and grateful for my time working with John and I would highly recommend him to any and all who are interested in diving deeper into oneself and want to expand their inner world.

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Benjamin Jones

CEO/CTO & Co-Founder

@ Bitwala

Working together with John was an extremely powerful experience. We spend a lot of time thinking about the strategy and goals in our work life, but why not in our personal life? Our time together helped me define what was important to me and he provided me with the structure and tools to help me take steps towards it.


Bernie Hauser

Founder Hauser.io

Throughout the six months of working together, John introduced me to a few methods and techniques that supported me in uncovering insights to better shape my professional life. With his help, I realized what brings me closer to achieving long-term excellence. He is an attentive listener and has a fine sense for people.

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Eva-Maria Zoll

I've been really surprised about the density and richness, yet simple and pragmatic approach of the SIYL training which I had the pleasure of doing in an online format over the course of 6 days. I really liked the combination of micro-practices, personal stories, breakout sessions, and scientific cases.  

John's calm and joyful style of facilitating has felt really great and perfect for such a training program. 


Alejandro Starosielski


I am very grateful for the two weeks we shared SYI led by Yatan and John. I Have been practicing some of the exercises for years and never been quite able to give them a proper frame like this training does. It was wonderful to notice how everyone was so committed, honest and empathic. Every interaction I had was meaningful in one way or another.

Regarding John and Yatan, they were both as present as someone can be, giving their absolutely best without expecting anything in return. That was very powerful for me. Thank you so much and I hope I can reach as many people as possible, it is surely very relevant during these difficult covid times.

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Benjamin Jones

CEO/CTO & Co-Founder @ Bitwala

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Meike Maxis

Certified Search Inside Yourself Facilitator

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Nettra Pan

Lecturer @ City University's Business School

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Patricia Dranoff

Creative Producer