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Difficult conversations

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Do you hunger for skills to improve the quality of your relationships, to deepen your sense of personal empowerment or to simply communicate more effectively? Unfortunately, for centuries our culture has taught us to think and speak in ways that can actually perpetuate conflict, internal pain and even violence. We want to offer frameworks to help you get what you want in an effective, conflict avoiding way that will dramatically change your approach to communication for the better - one interaction at a time.

In this Immersive session, we will offer a safe space to practice and explore one of the most important skills we need to collaborate effectively and skillfully: being able to successfully have the difficult conversations that will be part of every organization: resolving conflicts nonviolently, making requests that land, setting boundaries, resolving tension, communicating and influencing with impact, and saying no. The type of conversations we often avoid, even though we know we should have them.

Why difficult conversations

Practical skills and step-wise approaches to know how to tackle the hardest conversations, to speak your truth, set a boundary, resolve a conflict, influence skilfully and therefore collaborate successfully.

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Module 1:
Foundations: a culture of psych. safety

The foundation of a workplace and culture where more advanced practices like difficult conversation can be undertaken, is to get the basic right. It starts with having enough psychological safety to even feel safe enough to express more innocent truths, requests and actions.

This is connected to the type of culture you're building, the values you are inviting and displaying, the fallability and vulnerability leaders are willing to display and the level of participation and empowerment that is enabled.

We look at the foundational cornerstones we can put in place in the form of habits and behaviours, as well as collective team-practices and cultural integrations.

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module 2:
difficult conversations & withhold shares

Whether you're dealing with an underperforming employee, disagreeing with your boss or spouse, negotiating with a difficult client, or simply saying "no" or "I'm sorry", we attempt or avoid difficult conversations every day. Drawing on proven practices of the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, NVC and HeartIQ, This session will offer you a step-by-step proven approach to having your toughest conversations with less stress and more success.

This will support participants’ own development, but also imprint them a potent approach to introduce into the organizational culture. So we get better at resolving conflicts and tensions that prevent collaboration

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module 3:
making requests  that land & saying no

Making requests is a vulnerable and exposing practice, yet one of the most important things we need to learn to creat healthy and thriving work cultures. For that we need to develop the technique and language for those request to truly land. In a way that our counterpart feels clear and open to respond. In a way that prevents violence, defensiveness and that welcomes our humanness.


Besides that we will look at some powerful ways to set boundaries and saying no. So we can honor our limited time and energy and therefore focus on what's most important.

There will be ample space to practice, ask questions and explore together.

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We offer this program to companies in different formats from a half-day to the full multi day program. It is available in-person as well as virtually. Interactive keynotes are possible too. Let’s talk about how we can best support your organization & measure the results.

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Eva-Maria Zoll
Founder @

I've been really surprised about the density and richness, yet simple and pragmatic approach of the SIYL training which I had the pleasure of doing in an online format over the course of 6 days. I really liked the combination of micro-practices, personal stories, breakout sessions, and scientific cases. John's calm and joyful style of facilitating has felt really great and perfect for such a training program. 


Lucie Pires
HRBP @ L'Oréal

John was a pleasure to work with. He was able to react quickly when we asked him to and also adapt to our needs in order to build the most relevant intervention for our team of 70 people. John is a caring coach, who knows his subjects and listens to his clients, to ensure an inspiring and friendly delivery in time


Alejandro Starosielski
Composer & Musician

I am very grateful for the two weeks we shared led by Yatan and John. I Have been practicing some of the exercises for years and never been quite able to give them a proper frame like this training does. It was wonderful to notice how everyone was so committed, honest and empathic. Every interaction I had was meaningful in one way or another.​ Regarding the teachers John and Yatan: they were both as present as someone can be, giving their absolutely best without expecting anything in return.

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