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Hi! I'm John, and I am glad you are here

I assist leaders, executives, innovators and disruptors to develop key (personal) leadership skills and self-awareness to more deeply understand who they are, what gifts they possess and what they truly want, so they can live and lead in an authentic, purposeful and confident way. I help inspiring high performers develop their full potential and realize their most daring visions.


I assist organizations through leadership training programs that bring about a greater sense of belonging to colleagues and to the organization and increase motivation, productivity and employee wellbeing. My commitment is to help your start-up or firm achieve it's next big milestone by supporting, training, and developing your most important asset - your people. I do this by offering transformative leadership programs for leadership teams, managers and rising corporate stars, as well as through 1-on-1 bespoke coaching with (start-up) founders, entrepreneurs, leaders and high performers

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John Puts

Transformation Coach & Leadership Facilitator

After a successful corporate career and some entrepreneurial endeavours, a major personal crisis and years of deep transformative inner work, I felt clear on what I'm here to do and started my transformative coaching and leadership facilitation business. Besides the individual projects and engagements I am undertaking, I collaborate with an international network of professional facilitators and coaches.


Prior to launching my own business I was active in the Berlin start-up scene as a Product Manager at GetYourGuide, where I was also leading the internal Mindfulness efforts. I also spent some time working for the European HQ of Google in Dublin, working on maintaining the quality and integrity of Google Search and educating business owners how to be successful in the Google search results. I also was the CEO and Co-founder of a company in The Netherlands before my time at Google, where we created a physical and digital guide with which we informed millions of people what governmental contributions they are entitled to.

My time as an entrepreneur and the years I spent working and leading in the coporate and start-up world have helped me to better understand the challenges and opportunities leaders, high performers, innovators and disruptors face. Bringing this together with the many years of doing my own inner work and investing in deep developmental work has set me up in a unique position to truly empower individuals and organizations to address the biggest challenges and create an extraordinary life and work situation.

I am a TransTech (TT) Academy graduate, and am involved in the global TT community, exploring how we can leverage the power of technology for the sake of human transformation. I am also trained in the Wim Hof Method, one of the most potent breathwork practices I know. And I have spent years practicing and studying several wisdom traditions, with a focus on meditation, embodiment, non-duality and yoga.


On a personal level: I was Born and raised in Amsterdam to a Dutch father and Polish mother. I have lived, studied and worked in 5 countries across 3 continents, and am currently living in Berlin. I am fluent in 4 languages. I am a passionate climber and boulderer. Music also plays a very important role in my life. The piano and handpan are my main instruments, and I released my first two tracks in 2019. I also love to take photos, especially of wildlife and nature. You can find some of my music and photography here.

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