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Immersive, inspiring and engaging talks,

Whether on a conference stage, at an in-house corporate event, a leadership summit, a panel discussion or a webinar, John's talks bring spark, playfulness, depth and transformation.

From an all company webinar to the Google auditorium to the largest conference in the Netherlands, John has delivered over 100 immersive talks/keynotes and hosted many events. The intention is always to be relevant to the event and relatable to the audience.

With over 7 years of leadership, team and culture development at iconic organizations like Vinted, Google, L'Oreal and PwC, trust John to deliver impactful, immersive and engaging talks and events

Elevate your (company) event with an immersive talk
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RediscoverING the purpose of work

Join us for an enlightening talk on restoring the original purpose of work by integrating values-driven principles and innovative organizational models. We'll explore how businesses can thrive by aligning their operations with core values and fostering a culture of purpose and integrity. Discover transformative strategies to create workplaces where employees are motivated, engaged, and empowered to contribute meaningfully. Learn how to redefine success by prioritizing human connections, ethical practices, and sustainable growth.

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future of learning
in the AI era

Discover the transformative power of vertical learning and development in the AI era, where information is readily available but true growth lies in immersive, engaging, and personalized experiences. This talk emphasizes the shift from traditional horizontal learning — endless information and theories — to a new paradigm that fosters sustainable behavior change. Learn how to leverage human facilitation to create meaningful learning journeys through practice, connection, and co-creation. Explore strategies for integrating information into real-life changes, using commitments and accountability structures to drive lasting transformation.

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feel alive
every day

In a world of high demands and constant activity, how can we stay energized and balanced? This interactive talk offers practical strategies to improve focus, find joy in your work, and make the most of every day. We’ll explore how to balance acceleration with calm by rethinking our defaults of busyness and distraction. Learn to enhance both your inner and outer worlds, aligning daily actions with your values. Join us to discover how conscious life design can help you focus on what truly matters, energizing you and eliminating what drains you.

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the magnetic

Unlock the secrets to becoming a magnetic facilitator who captivates and inspires. This talk delves into the essential skills and techniques to create engaging, impactful sessions that leave a lasting impression. Learn how to foster connection, encourage participation, and navigate group dynamics with ease. Discover the power of presence, active listening, and creative facilitation methods that transform ordinary meetings into extraordinary experiences. Join us to master the art of facilitation and elevate your ability to lead with confidence and charisma.

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the happiness

Explore the profound power of contentment as an alternative to the elusive chase for happiness. In this talk, we delve into the timeless wisdom of embracing the present moment and cultivating a sense of "enough." Learn how to shift from the relentless pursuit of external achievements to finding fulfillment within. Through practical strategies and reflective practices, discover how to achieve a sustainable sense of well-being that transcends life's highs and lows. Join us to understand how contentment can transform your life, offering stability, peace, and a deeper connection to what truly matters.

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Transforming work
into play

In this inspiring talk, we explore the art of infusing joy and creativity into our daily routines. Inspired by the goalless way of how we engage with music, we delve into how adopting a playful, dance-like approach to life and work can transform mundane tasks into joyful experiences. Discover the power of "swinging" through challenges with a light-hearted spirit, and learn how to break free from the rigidity that stifles creativity and joy. Join us to uncover the secrets of turning work into a pleasurable art form and embracing life with flexibility and enthusiasm.

You're in good company
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INTERESTED IN BRINGING an inspiring Talk or engaging moderator to your event?

We offer our talks, (online) keynotes, panel discussions and event moderation and MC'ing to companies and event organizers. We always have a conversation how we can customize the experience in a bespoke matter to best meet the intentions and goals. Let’s talk about how we can best support your organization or event!

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Ines Biskic
L&D Manager @ GetYourGuide

John was really great to work with while setting up a company-wide training: very kind, empathetic, professional and precise. I loved how he always had the participants best interests & learning outcomes in mind. I participated in the sessions myself and can confirm they had a fine balance of theory & practice and a good pace, as every theoretical chunk was soon followed by exercises that allowed us to absorb the topic more deeply and connect with new colleagues as well.


Klaudia Malisz
HR Manager @ Job Impulse

I heartily recommend SIY training. The best method to find the answer to your stressful work and life, training helps you find the balance and balance you need today. If you want to work with passion and not lose yourself, be sure to check SIY


Lucie Pires
HRBP @ L'Oréal

John was a pleasure to work with. He was able to react quickly when we asked him to and also adapt to our needs in order to build the most relevant intervention for our team of 70 people. John is a caring coach, who knows his subjects and listens to his clients, to ensure an inspiring and friendly delivery in time

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