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Working smarter, living better 

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work smarter,
live better

How do you stay upright in a hectic environment? High demands, difficult choices and many tasks. You work hard, but do you have time to recharge your battery? Always going 110 percent for something is an illusion. You know that yourself. How do you find the balance between accelerating and keeping calm? Also what we have seen is that you are not alone. Studies show that knowledge workers spend about 40–60% of their time and energy on administrative work. Not the satisfying work that matters. Not the essential efforts that create value and make things better. More energy and more balance, that's what we’re aiming for.

We will look at improving focus, finding greater joy in your work, and getting more out of every day. We will rethink the defaults of constant busyness and distraction so you can focus on what matters every day. When you are always in service to your colleagues and teams, without “putting your own oxygen mask on first”, you will lose your sanity and motivation and ability to truly be there for others effectively.

In this interactive session, you will learn the frameworks and practices in order to start making better use of your time and energy every day. We break it down into two core pillars: Improving our Inner World and improving our Outer World

Why work smarter,
live better

This is not about crushing your to do list, about optimizing every minute or maximizing our personal productivity. Working Smarter and Living Better is about rethinking the defaults of modern-day constant busyness and distractions so you can focus on what matters most, every day. It's an antidote approach to the fast-paced, always-connected work culture many of us experience.

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Module 1:
aligning our inner world

The foundation of self leadership of your time, energy and focus is a balanced and centered inner world. Employees can get willpower back when they build up their self-regulation and attention resources. This can be done through attention & focus training practices, regulation practices, self awareness practices , self care tactics and more. Some of the Inner World development areas we cover:

  • The Foundation of Consciousness

  • Being Aligned with Purpose

  • Somatic Awareness and the Wisdom of the Body

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module 2:
organizing our
outer world

Besides cultivating consciousness and attention, we can bring structures and systems in place to protect our time and energy. These help remove ineffective and energy draining aspects of our day and week. They are practical, systematic and prevent the need to fully rely on our cognitive capacity, attention and willpower.

We use tested frameworks and practices that have helped thousands of people to reclaim their time and attention so they can focus on the most important things, and thrive.

Some of the Outer World development areas we cover:

  • Remove Drainers, Focus on Energizers

  • Control Information Overload

  • Speak Difficult Truths and Set Boundaries

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module 3:
both worlds

Here we bring it all together, revisit some of the core pillars of the Inner and Outer world development needed to work smarter and to live better. We integrate the core practices and frameworks and explore our personal leadership commitments. We also offer a number of structures and systems you can put in place to actually bring all you learned into your daily work and life, in a practical way so that you start seeing the results from one day after you complete the program. We also provide follo-up resources, additional tactics for making time and lots of inspiration material to continue your journey.

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We offer this program to companies in different formats from a half-day to the full multi day program. It is available in-person as well as virtually. Interactive keynotes are possible too. Let’s talk about how we can best support your organization & measure the results.

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Eva-Maria Zoll
Founder @

I've been really surprised about the density and richness, yet simple and pragmatic approach of the SIYL training which I had the pleasure of doing in an online format over the course of 6 days. I really liked the combination of micro-practices, personal stories, breakout sessions, and scientific cases. John's calm and joyful style of facilitating has felt really great and perfect for such a training program. 


Lucie Pires
HRBP @ L'Oréal

John was a pleasure to work with. He was able to react quickly when we asked him to and also adapt to our needs in order to build the most relevant intervention for our team of 70 people. John is a caring coach, who knows his subjects and listens to his clients, to ensure an inspiring and friendly delivery in time


Alejandro Starosielski
Composer & Musician

I am very grateful for the two weeks we shared led by Yatan and John. I Have been practicing some of the exercises for years and never been quite able to give them a proper frame like this training does. It was wonderful to notice how everyone was so committed, honest and empathic. Every interaction I had was meaningful in one way or another.​ Regarding the teachers John and Yatan: they were both as present as someone can be, giving their absolutely best without expecting anything in return.

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