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We help establish more

purpose driven and connected
leaders, teams & organisations

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I assist organizations through leadership training programs that bring about a greater sense of belonging to colleagues and to the organization and increase motivation, productivity and employee wellbeing. My commitment is to help your start-up or firm achieve it's next big milestone by supporting, training, and developing your most important asset - your people. I do this by offering transformative leadership programs for leadership teams, managers and rising corporate stars, as well as through 1-on-1 bespoke coaching with (start-up) founders, entrepreneurs, leaders and high performers

I assist leaders, executives, innovators and disruptors to develop key (personal) leadership skills and self-awareness to more deeply understand who they are, what gifts they possess and what they truly want, so they can live and lead in an authentic, purposeful and confident way. I help inspiring high performers develop their full potential and realize their most daring visions.



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Ines Biskic
L&D Manager @ GetYourGuide

John was really great to work with while setting up a company-wide training: very kind, empathetic, professional and precise. I loved how he always had the participants best interests & learning outcomes in mind. I participated in the sessions myself and can confirm they had a fine balance of theory & practice and a good pace, as every theoretical chunk was soon followed by exercises that allowed us to absorb the topic more deeply and connect with new colleagues as well.


Klaudia Malisz
HR Manager @ Job Impulse

I heartily recommend SIY training. The best method to find the answer to your stressful work and life, training helps you find the balance and balance you need today. If you want to work with passion and not lose yourself, be sure to check SIY


Manager @ De Belastingdienst

The SIY program that John brought to the Belastingdienst had a large variety of practices, ranging from very practical excersises to pretty challenging mindfulness approaches. The major upside about this diversity is that is serves everybody who attended the program. All the participants have taken elements from the SIY program and incorporated them in to their daily routines. In addition, is helps a team grow stronger, as you get to know your collegues on a different level.