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We help Create more

purpose driven and connected
leaders, teams &
work cultures

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I assist organizations in creating thriving leaders, teams and work cultures. Places where we can experience safety, meaning, purpose, belonging, wellbeing and sustainable high performance. My commitment is to develop and transform your most important asset - your people.

I do this by offering inspirational talks, keynotes & transformative programs for (leadership) teams, managers and rising corporate stars, as well as through 1-on-1 bespoke coaching with (start-up) founders, entrepreneurs, leaders and high performers.

Some of the core themes I work with are emotional intelligence, conscious (self)leadership, self-awareness, skilful communication, psychological safety, making time for what matters most, difficult conversations, purpose, neuroscience and attention training.



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Ines Biskic
L&D Manager @ GetYourGuide

John was really great to work with while setting up a company-wide training: very kind, empathetic, professional and precise. I loved how he always had the participants best interests & learning outcomes in mind. I participated in the sessions myself and can confirm they had a fine balance of theory & practice and a good pace, as every theoretical chunk was soon followed by exercises that allowed us to absorb the topic more deeply and connect with new colleagues as well.


Klaudia Malisz
HR Manager @ Job Impulse

I heartily recommend SIY training. The best method to find the answer to your stressful work and life, training helps you find the balance and balance you need today. If you want to work with passion and not lose yourself, be sure to check SIY


Lucie Pires
HRBP @ L'Oréal

John was a pleasure to work with. He was able to react quickly when we asked him to and also adapt to our needs in order to build the most relevant intervention for our team of 70 people. John is a caring coach, who knows his subjects and listens to his clients, to ensure an inspiring and friendly delivery in time

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