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I help individuals, teams and organizations become their most authentic and effective selves. For them as a person, their organization and society as a whole. Through deep transformative work we enable extraordinary ways of living and working, built on the foundations of a powerful and aligned inner world.

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I assist leaders, executives, innovators and disruptors to develop key (personal) leadership skills and self-awareness to more deeply understand who they are, what gifts they possess and what they truly want, so they can live and lead in an authentic, purposeful and confident way. I help inspiring high performers develop their full potential and realize their most daring visions.


I assist organizations through leadership training programs that bring about a greater sense of belonging to colleagues and to the organization and increase motivation, productivity and employee wellbeing. My commitment is to help your start-up or firm achieve it's next big milestone by supporting, training, and developing your most important asset - your people. I do this by offering transformative leadership programs for leadership teams, managers and rising corporate stars, as well as through 1-on-1 bespoke coaching with (start-up) founders, entrepreneurs, leaders and high performers

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The ordinary are doing their best to fit in the world. The extraordinary create their own worlds.


Franco Amorosi

Agency Development Manager

@ Google

John is a kind listener whose guidance and patience invites you to listen to yourself with curiosity and compassion. During our work together he shared insights and tools that I still reflect on and that keep helping me in my personal exploration.

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