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We help establish more human-centered,

purpose driven and connected

leaders, teams & organisations

Better humans make better leaders & better leaders create humane workplaces and products/services.

We see that organizations improve if you empower individual employees. The world is so complex that standard solutions no longer work, which is why personal leadership is critical. We know that autonomy, freedom and responsibility empowers people and contributes to increased productivity. And we believe in the natural curiosity of people and the positive will to collectively make something of it

Authentic leaders and future-oriented organizations make a difference. Together with our partners, we create leadership and working cultures where people want to work. Here, people collaborate to achieve optimal results, while paying attention to purpose and wellbeing.

Bring a Keynote or Program to your organization
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Bring to your organization our core program that explores mindfulness-based emotional intelligence, grounded in neuroscience. Originally developed at Google and now taught in a wide variety of companies, the program includes highly interactive live (in-person or online) sessions, followed by a four-week integration journey online. 

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This 3-part series helps to build the behaviors, mental habits and practices that promote personal resilience while growing a culture of resilience within teams and organizations. Work more skillfully with difficult emotions, uncertainty and change, leading to increased team performance and well-being.

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Self Leadership & Communication

Inspire a strong and effective personal leadership in your people, so that they take ownership of their work and career. Here we develop the competenties, practices and language to communicate and influence skilfully and manage stakeholders effectively. Learn how to handle difficult conversations nonviolently, set boundaries, and make requests that land.

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Connected & Effective Teaming

For struggling teams or those simply looking for an upgrade, we offer the Connected & Effective Teaming Program. Develop interpersonal skills to build a culture based on trust, psychological safety, empathy & inclusion, leading to improved team performance. Adopt team practices that cultivate connection, vulnerability and openness.

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Work Smarter,
Live better

This is about taking ownership of our time and energy every day. We will look at improving focus, finding greater joy in your work, and getting more out of every day. We will rethink the defaults of constant busyness and distraction so you can focus on what matters most. When you are always in service to your colleagues and teams, without “putting your own oxygen mask on first”, you'll lose your sanity, motivation and ability to truly be there for others effectively.

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difficult conversations

In this Immersive session or program, we learn about and practice one of the most important skills we need for effective collaboration: tackling difficult conversations through skillful communication, instead of shying away from them. So we can be better at: resolving conflicts nonviolently, making requests that land, setting boundaries, resolving tension, communicating and influencing with impact and saying no.

Key benefits
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Who is this for

We work with all employee levels — from executives to young professionals and across all work functions.

  • Executives and Leaders: Set the organizational culture by training today's and the next generation of leaders.

  • Teams & Business Units: Enhance the communication, cohesion, collaboration and effectiveness within teams.

  • Individual Contributors & Groups: Give individuals or groups tools to manage stress, become more engaged at work and operate at peak performance.

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We offer our programs to companies in different formats from a half-day to a full multi day program, in some cases followed by a 28 day challenge. It is available in-person as well as virtually. Interactive keynotes are possible too. Let’s talk about how we can best support your organization & measure the results.

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Ines Biskic
L&D Manager @ GetYourGuide

John was really great to work with while setting up a company-wide training: very kind, empathetic, professional and precise. I loved how he always had the participants best interests & learning outcomes in mind. I participated in the sessions myself and can confirm they had a fine balance of theory & practice and a good pace, as every theoretical chunk was soon followed by exercises that allowed us to absorb the topic more deeply and connect with new colleagues as well.


Klaudia Malisz
HR Manager @ Job Impulse

I heartily recommend SIY training. The best method to find the answer to your stressful work and life, training helps you find the balance and balance you need today. If you want to work with passion and not lose yourself, be sure to check SIY


Manager @ De Belastingdienst

The SIY program that John brought to the Belastingdienst had a large variety of practices, ranging from very practical excersises to pretty challenging mindfulness approaches. The major upside about this diversity is that is serves everybody who attended the program. All the participants have taken elements from the SIY program and incorporated them in to their daily routines. In addition, is helps a team grow stronger, as you get to know your collegues on a different level.

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